Sarah Tracy

Sarah has been Board Chair since the formation of Legacy. Over the years, she has undertaken virtually every administrative position as needed to cover Legacy’s growth in both services and markets. After a long career as a homemaker and home educator, she tackled the challenge of growing the people of Legacy with the firm. HerContinued

Jim Tracy

Jim is a seasoned business professional with over 30 years of experience in Senior Management of active construction firms and structural products manufacturing. As a business owner and founding partner, Jim’s major areas of responsibility are in the management and administration of the people who execute contracts and projects for Legacy’s business areas. He oversees allContinued

Bob Irving

Bob is a construction industry veteran who has managed people and the projects they work on for 40 years. His experience has become legendary within the circle of clients that seek solutions when they hire Legacy. Bob’s easy going nature make him a natural trainer and problem solver who is more at home on aContinued

Leif Herstad

Leif is a tower industry maintenance expert who took over and grew Legacy’s second of five business groups. His experience has been of a highly technical nature with problem solving always at the core. Leif developed the first night ops crews that focused on safety and performance diagnostics with a specific maintenance window. He isContinued