Field Operations Manager

Now that your company has completed the 10 sites you initially sent us a quote for, I just wanted to touch base with you about continuing on. I would like to know if you are interested in an additional 20 sites? I like to say that working with your crews is always a pleasure. TheContinued

Outside Plant Manager

I would like to thank Legacy for the outstanding work you continually provide. Legacy continues to distance itself from the competition with its ‘can do’ attitude and delivery of quality workmanship. I have the opportunity to view Legacy’s work from several different viewpoints. New site construction, site optimization work and equipment swaps. I am alwaysContinued

Seattle Project Manager

This is our #1 contractor in the NW. They always go the extra mile—often working on sites with less than 24 HR notice! I Think we should go the extra mile to make sure they get taken care of.  

Senior Technician

Thank you for taking care of this. I had a 25 dB difference in receive levels and wasn’t sure what up top it was going to be. Thanks for sweeping all the line while there too. It’s that extra value that makes you guys the best tower crew we got!!!  

Field Technician

Many thanks once again for the thousandth time! You guys have never failed to impress me with your abilities and professionalism as a tower crew. If someone were to ask me if I had a choice to keep one tower crew only and eliminate the rest I would sound off for Legacy Telecommunications! Keep upContinued

Project Manager

I was heaping praise on his crew just yesterday, and now, to hear your words, I feel like we definitely made the right choice to go with Legacy on these Microsoft construction projects. Thanks again!