Microsoft Facility Systems Strategies

Working with Leif was outstanding. I don’t know if you recognize all the hoops he jumped through to make sure these sites were built by EOB today, but working on Microsoft’s timeline is not easy. He was very professional and followed all the rules and process. I can’t state enough of what a joy itContinued

Director of Special Projects

The deployment has been completed. Ryan committed to an end of quarter completion and—by golly—he did it! Professionalism at its finest. Many thanks!

Deployment Director

The crew from Legacy did a great job on this. They went beyond the scope of work to remove the temporary site antennas. Take a moment to thank……and Legacy for the work they are doing for us.

Maintenance Engineer

She’s on the air, and customer is tickled pink- Thanks Legacy for a super job—and for an extension cord!

Project Manager

Just wanted to give you and your crew a BIG THANK YOU for doing this temporary site project. Your patience and willingness to get this done in a timely manner is much appreciated by me. As always I thoroughly enjoy working with you and your crews.

Engineering Manager

I wanted to let you know that none of this could have happened without your attention to detail and willingness to do things right. Thank you all very much for the work… we are on the right track to success.